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02:39 March 8, 2023

GRAFMARINE is testing revolutionary solar energy cells with Carisbrooke’s vessel

Grafmarine are piloting its NanoDeck AI Solar tile management solution in partnership with Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd. “NanoDeck challenges the current reliance on fossil fuels by providing a clean and sustainable alternative renewable source of energy which can be attached to any flat surface – in this case, a cargo vessel – to capture, store and…


03:35 February 16, 2023

CMDC3: Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd to trial a hydrogen engine onboard

Carisbrooke Shipping have partnered with Carnot Ltd whose consortium has been awarded £2.3M to develop a zero-emission 50kW Hydrogen auxiliary engine demonstrator. Following design, simulations and rigorous testing, the revolutionary single-fuel hydrogen 50kW engine will be integrated into a containerised system and mounted on the deck of one of our cargo vessels for a 40-day…


11:09 February 3, 2023

24 Peaks Challenge 2023 for The Seafarers’ Charity

24 Peaks. 2 days. 33 miles. 13,000 ft ascent. Raising vital funds to support The Seafarers’ Charity – helping those who work at sea and their families. In 2023, Carisbrooke is looking to take on the 24 Peaks in order to raise money in aide of seafarers and local seafaring charities. This is a well…


10:43 February 1, 2023

Carisbrooke’s Fleet Operation Centre achieves savings in 2022

Following the success of our Fleet Operation Centre in reducing the emissions in 2022 (751 tonnes of CO2 saved as well as 237MT of fuel and $213.5K in costs) we have worked together with Wartsila Voyage to share the good news. We had filming crew attending Kitty C in Sheerness in December 2022 and today…