24 Peaks Challenge

July 2022 saw the return of the 24 Peaks Challenge after a 2 year break due to Covid.  The event is a favourite of Carisbrooke Shipping which has been represented in the event every year since 2006. The challenge is in aid of The Seafarer Charity (formally Seafarers UK), and each team raises funds for this worthy cause.

In 2022 we had two Carisbrooke teams taking part comprised of 10 intrepid and hardy souls; Team 1) Goodness Gracious Great Dodds of Fire and Team 2) The Windy Gap Wanderers, plus support driver Tina Fosberry.

The trekkers took the challenge rather seriously this year and trained hard for the event. The 24 Peaks is two days of solid walking, some climbing/scrambling, and usually involves some unpleasant British weather. They also have to carry each day enough food, water, essential clothing, and survival gear. The ground is mostly uneven, and littered with stones to manoeuvre over.

The challenge tends to forge long lasting friendships, and this year was no different. The camaraderie formed was evident when at the end of each day everyone was still smiling (or were they grimaces?), and the chatting around the table at mealtime, and refuelling with after dinner drinks.  All this can be seen from the photos.

Anyone who is interested to take part next year , please contact Tina for more details (email: tina.fosberry@carisbrooke.co)

Carisbrooke also won the award for Top Fundraiser for 2022 and raised an impressive £11,585 for The Seafarers Charity. Thank you to all who donated and supported the teams!!!!!!