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08:28 April 11, 2024

Keel Laying of ‘JILL C’

Carisbrooke Shipping is pleased to announce that the Keel Laying Ceremony of ‘’JILL C’ successfully took place on April 4th, 2024, amidst the bustling activity at Chowgule Shipyard, in Goa, India. This is a major milestone with a traditional Indian ceremony which was marked in collaboration with Vertom.   ‘’JILL C’ represents innovation and excellence…


10:15 January 26, 2024

Carisbrooke Shipping Embraces Wind-Powered Maritime Innovation with £3.7M UK DfT Consortium Grant

In a ground-breaking collaboration, Carisbrooke Shipping is joining forces with GT Green Technologies and The University of Bristol to spearhead a revolutionary shift in commercial shipping. Thanks to a substantial £3.7 million grant win from the UK Department for Transport (DfT), Carisbrooke is set to install a 20-meter AirWing™ unit on one of its UK-registered…


09:29 October 31, 2023

Carisbrooke Shipping partners with University of Southampton to develop Marine Biofouling measurement tool


09:04 October 23, 2023

Carisbrooke cold ironing in partnership with Zenobe

 A pilot cold ironing project by Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd took place at Zuidnatie’s terminal, Antwerp, in which shore power was connected to our ocean-going vessel UAL Osprey by means of an innovative technology portable power-bank by Zenobē, making this the first in Belgium and first for this class of vessels. This project was realised…