Carisbrooke opt for a silicon Slime Release coating

Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd choose Intersleek 1100SR as their coating of choice for the Jasmine C. Intersleek 1100SR offers a reduction in hull roughness improving hull efficiency, reduction in vessel fuel consumption, option to be included in the Carbon Credit initiative where International Paint is the only Marine Paint Company to qualify for the Gold Standard.

International Paint Ltd part of Akzo Nobel used the benefits of Intertrac with Carisbrooke Shipping, a way to demonstrate the operational fouling challenges, analyse the activity of the in service period of each vessel. Using all data and analysis, Carisbrooke Shipping’s Technical Director, Martin Henry decided upon a combination of high performance self-polishing co-polymer (SPC) Intersmooth 7460 and a hybrid SPC Interswift coating, to improve the efficiency of the vessels.

March 2015 saw a key operational decision to award all the their remaining 6,000 DWT K Class vessels to International Paint, allowing also for a 12,927DWT vessel the ‘Jasmine C’ to be coated with Intersleek 1100SR a patented fluoropolymer coating offering significant in service enhancements for Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd operational requirements. This is the first time Carisbrooke Shipping has used this patented technology and is a milestone for both companies and demonstrates continuous fleet improvements to the fleets’ performance.