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10:43 February 1, 2023

Carisbrooke’s Fleet Operation Centre achieves savings in 2022

Following the success of our Fleet Operation Centre in reducing the emissions in 2022 (751 tonnes of CO2 saved as well as 237MT of fuel and $213.5K in costs) we have worked together with Wartsila Voyage to share the good news. We had filming crew attending Kitty C in Sheerness in December 2022 and today…


01:05 January 19, 2023

MV Onego Isle participates in innovative antifouling trial

Following successful completion of dry dock last year we are delighted to find our MV Onego Isle featuring in December issue of shipyard customer magazine Remontowa Ship Repair News focussing on her unusual bow design and environmental credentials. Together with necessary maintenance our fleet is receiving a makeover and Onego Isle left shipyard sporting new…


12:07 November 18, 2022

Carisbrooke Shipping significantly reduces CO2 emissions with Wärtsilä’s fleet optimisation solution

The technology group Wärtsilä today announced that its customer Carisbrooke Shipping has reported a saving of over 600 tons of CO2 emissions since the beginning of the year with the help of Wärtsilä’s Fleet Optimisation Solution (FOS). Since implementing FOS across 31 vessels in 2019, Carisbrooke Shipping has been using the platform to gather insights…


11:10 August 30, 2022

Carnot use case – Decarbonise marine auxiliary power

Zero emission auxiliary engine As society becomes increasingly aware of our environmental footprint, global industries are coming under unprecedented pressures to chart a course to a sustainable future. Shipping, the backbone of the global economy, delivers over 90% of global trade or 11 billion tons of goods annually and does so at incredibly low cost…