The Green Ship Project

Carisbrooke Shipping has always looked in detail at methods to maximize the cargo intake of its vessels. While at the same time reducing fuel consumption, yet maintaining vessel speed.

When Carisbrooke was approached by its partner, Groot Ship Design, which was already working on an innovative new bow design to increase efficiency, to work on a Green Ship Project, it jumped at the chance to have a competitive edge with the most modern and efficient vessels.

The bow design was added to the plans of an 8500 dwt general cargo ship, the hull was streamlined and a nozzle added to further improve the vessel’s performance.

Tank testing soon followed and the figures ascertained were encouraging. Impressed by the vessel’s performance, Carisbrooke Shipping decided to invest in what was to become the new fleet of Super Green Ships.

On the 6th of May, 2010 Carisbrooke Shipping placed an order for 4 x 8,500 dwt general cargo vessels, with further options, at Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding in China.

Equipment was sourced for these vessels, which would further enhance their performance or green credentials, while maintaining the original budget.

The minimum main engine power required for these vessels to obtain ice class 1A notation was only 1456kW against standard vessel design calculations of 3883kW. With these figures, Carisbrooke opted for a MAK 6M32C type engine, de-rated to 2400kW and running on IFO 380 with a shaft generator, to supply electrical power at sea.

The first vessel of this class, ‘Vectis Eagle’, was delivered in January 2012 following successful sea trials. Three sister vessels were delivered later in 2012, followed by a 4 x 10,500dwt stretched version.

These vessels have been closely monitored since delivery and have proven to be far more economical than vessels of a similar size. Carisbrooke Shipping will continue to develop and improve this design, ensuring it continues to lead the market in sustainable shipping.

Features of Carisbrooke’s Super Green fleet:

  • Groot Cross Bow to reduce pitching and increase hydrodynamic efficiency
  • Large (4.3m) diameter propeller installed within a nozzle, giving additional thrust
  • Full hull optimization, increasing the vessel’s efficiency
  • Fitted with Eefting efficiency monitoring system
  • Delivered with EEDI, IHM and EP certification
  • Water-lubricated sterntube seals to protect the environment against pollution.
  • Oil and grease used externally are biodegradable
  • Refrigeration systems on board use gas, which does not harm the environment
  • High MDO capacity to ensure compliance with future low emission regulations
  • Shore power capability, which allows cold ironing
  • Later vessels are fitted with ballast water treatment plants

Carisbrooke continues to work on new designs for modern, efficient vessels, reflecting on and this green ship design and ways to incorporate already proven technology and ideas to have the edge against the competition and to ensure that any new vessels will add to the concept of sustainable shipping.