Technical Management

Carisbrooke Shipping offers a high-quality Full Technical Management service. Working in partnership with shipowners to provide efficient, reliable, compliant and safe, yet very competitive, vessels. The majority of staff in our teams have former seagoing experience at senior ranks.

The Technical Management side of the fleet is handled by our fleet teams, all of which provide direct support to those on board the vessels.

Each and every vessel is assigned to one of our four fleets. Within the fleet, they receive the full attention of the relevant Fleet Technical Management Team, consisting of Fleet Manager, Technical Assistant, Purchaser and Superintendents.

The teams all work closely together, supporting the ship staff to ensure that the vessels are:

  • Maintained to the high standard that Carisbrooke Shipping has demanded over its years of operation since 1969
  • Supplied with all the high-quality spare parts and stores needed to ensure these standards are reached and that all vessels’ maintenance is always up to date
  • Managed in line with agreed set operating costs
  • Operated in compliance with relevant rules, regulations, codes, guidelines and standards laid down by Carisbrooke Shipping, maritime industry organizations, flag authorities and classifications societies at all times
  • Operated 24-7-365, to ensure maximum operating time is available

The team also monitors the vessel’s performance with respect to specific machinery, hull efficiency and effectiveness of planned maintenance. This is carried out utilizing both the vessels regular reporting and very frequent visits on board by the ship superintendents

The fleet technical management team carries out effective planning of dry-dock and other major repairs, retrofits and conversions, as well as supervision, to the same to a high standard

The vessels and fleet technical management teams are further supported by Carisbrooke’s Marine and ISM personnel, who further monitor the performance of the vessel, the ship’s staff and company procedures by further scheduled inspections and audits. They also ensure that Carisbrooke’s Safety Management System is developed, implemented and maintained to ensure it remains sufficiently versatile and robust as new legislation is introduced.

Handpicked members of the senior management team, technical, marine and ISM are brought together to form a well-trained and effective emergency response team, fully equipped to handle difficult situations when assistance to vessels may be required.


H&M, LOH, War, IV, P&I vessels’ insurances are all placed at very competitive levels for the ship owners, utilizing Carisbrooke Shipping’s fleet size and its relationships with quality brokers, underwriters and clubs as partners.

Claims handling, management and settling of claims are mostly handled in-house, which assists with efficiency and historical knowledge.