Short-Sea Bulk

Carisbrooke’s shipping heritage stems back to the various dry bulk coastal trades around Northern Europe. This still forms a major part of our customer focus today. The coastal fleet, comprising our gearless 5-6800 dwt vessels, remains important service providers in this region. In addition to the standard mini-bulkers, we also offer our European customers the added benefit of a short-sea, geared, 8,050 dwt fleet featuring 2x 25 mt cranes, opening up the possibility of trading to West and North African markets.

Typical short-sea trades involve grains or steel from Northern Europe to Spain, Morocco, Egypt, fertilizer from the Black Sea or North Africa to Northern Europe.

Carisbrooke is proud of its highly experienced and professional team of Chartering Brokers and Vessel Operators, 100% dedicated to this extremely competitive market sector.

For further information on how Carisbrooke can help you with your short-sea transportation requirements, please contact our specialist team: