Dry Docking Services

The largest single cost for any ship owner during the lifetime of vessel ownership is the cost of dry docking.

If this is not managed well, through good preparation, tight controls and close management, then costs can quickly spiral and times in dock can overrun, which can have an adverse impact on subsequent operating costs.

Carisbrooke Shipping’s fleet technical management team is able to carry out the effective planning of dry dock and other major repairs, retrofits and conversions, as well as supervision of these services, to a high standard.

This is normally included within the full technical management; however, if required, can be offered as an individual bespoke service for any Owner or 3rd party.

The dry docking service includes:

  • Superintendent assigned to the project
  • Vessel visit to identify specific docking works and defect rectification work.
  • Gathering of information from classification societies and other regulatory bodies for work needed to satisfy new or future requirements
  • Preparation of a detailed repair specification
  • Review of the repair specification by the technical director
  • Together with vessel Owners and Chartering team, if necessary, identifying the region of the world where a vessel should dock
  • Shipyards identified and contacted for availability and interest
  • Repair specification dispatched for shipyard quotations
  • Shipyard tenders received and evaluated on a like-for-like basis
  • Yard recommendation and funding request submitted to Owners
  • Spares parts ordered and subcontractors assigned
  • Shipyard contract awarded
  • Vessel completes dry docking – daily reports issued
  • All invoices received and paid
  • Dry docking report issued as required

Given the size of fleets for which Carisbrooke provides technical management, there can be frequent scheduled dry dockings, easily reaching 15 dockings in any one year.

Most vessels are managed on a five-year docking program, with an intermediate docking survey completed “in water”.

Specifications and full turnkey project management are carried out utilizing a powerful software package with a database of a large number of completed specifications and thousands of individual detailed jobs. This also means Carisbrooke Shipping is able to produce detailed specifications, including almost any works, within 24 hours, should this ever be required for emergency docking and repairs.

Retrofitting of new and replacement equipment and project work, as well as full vessel conversions and lengthening, can be managed using the same methodology, and has been done so with great success.