Commercial Management


Carisbrooke Chartering is proud to manage a fully-owned and part-owned fleet, as well as for other 3rd party owners on an exclusive management basis. All vessels, whether internal or external, are indexed, pooled and, thereafter, afforded equal attention by our highly professional and dedicated chartering/ post-fixture team.

Who are our customers ?

The Carisbrooke Commercial Management Team serves many customers, including those from within our own company.

Our fundamental goal is to create sustainable added value for internal/external vessel owners, shareholders, employees and, of course, external customers and stakeholders.

The key to Carisbrooke’s durability and growth since the inception of the company in 1969 has very much been about having the customer at the cornerstone of everything we do.

As our customers’ needs have changed over time, so too has Carisbrooke to meet those requirements. We are not simply a name behind an e-mail, but prefer to present ourselves face-to-face, completely open, transparent and keen to work closely with our customers as logistical partners to meet their needs, both today, and tomorrow.

As one of the largest owners and commercial managers of vessels in the 5-13,400k bulk/multipurpose (MPP) segment, both the scale of our fleet and our preference for vessel type uniformity helps ensure that we continue to offer customers an exceptional service, delivering the right combination of competitive freight, size flexibility, trading route optionality, vessel reliability and the full logistical support of our excellent shore-side and ship-side teams.

We have experts working around the clock to ensure the safety of the vessel, her crew and the environment, and, of course, at the same time, ensuring your cargo arrives at its destination, on time and in perfect condition.

Our approach:

All at Carisbrooke take great pride in their integrity, professionalism and strong moral compass.

We benefit from the knowledge-share and scale opportunities provided by our three chartering offices (UK, Germany, Netherlands), but we also place great emphasis on ensuring they work seamlessly to form one united team of highly dedicated staff, all pushing for the same goal of maximizing returns for our entire managed fleet, whilst continuing to offer added value and create long-lasting relations with our customers.

Our size focus is between 5,000-13,400 mts dwt and, as such, we remain one of the largest and most established ship managers/owners in this segment.

We are highly experienced in the transportation and logistics of all types of commodities, including dangerous goods, bulk, break bulk and project cargoes.

Typical bulk cargoes carried are, but not limited to, grain, fertilizers, steel, sugar, sulphur, soda ash, woodpellets/pulp, salt, minerals, cement, coal, petcoke, clay, sugarbeet pulp pellets, concentrates, scrap, pitch and paper products.

On the break bulk/MPP side, we work very closely with our core customers in such sectors as oil and gas, wind energy, yacht transportation, mining and construction, and infrastructure development.

Our experienced MPP chartering team works closely with their technical and operations support staff to ensure the entire logistical process is implemented smoothly and efficiently.

Carisbrooke can, where required, also provide vessels in compliance with the highest OVID (Offshore Vessel Inspection Database) approval procedures.

We believe we provide the best service to owners; our fleet division into ‘Pools’, based on core vessel type, offers a high level of focus and dedication and, ultimately, produces the best results.

Both vessel owners and cargo customers/brokers have a specific designated contact person for their respective vessel or cargo size. This helps Carisbrooke provide the most efficient and responsive service.

Each pool has, at its core, a series of sister ships offering box-holds, open hatch, double-skinned, with both geared and gearless options, all with the aim of providing the utmost quality, flexibility and uniformity to meet our customers´ ongoing requirements.