Ship Name : Janet C

01. General

Name: Janet C
Year build: 2009
Yard: Yangzijiang
Yard Number: 734C
Call sign: 2BZ17
Flag: UK
Class: BV
Port of Registry: Cowes
IMO Number: 9430129
MMSI: 235070715
P&I: Steamship
General Cargo MPP SD/Tween Open Hatch Box
Technical Management: Gold Fleet

02. Dimensions

dwt: 12914 on 8.56 m SS W
LOA: 138.07 m
Beam: 21.33 m
Depth: 11 m
GT: 9530 NT: 4398

03. Capacities

2 Holds/2 Hatches

Hold Sizes:
Ho 1: 37.50 m x 17.50 m
Ho 2: 50.25 m x 17.50 m

Hold dimensions:

No 1 Hold:
37.50 m x long x 17.50 m width (for 25.50m) narrowing to 15.01 m
width (for 6 m) and 10.05 m width (for 6 m)

No 2 Hold:
50.25m x long x 17.50m width narrowing to 14 m width (for 5 m)

Hatch Sizes:
Ha 1: 37.50 m x 17.50 m
Ha 2: 50.25 m x 17.50 m

Hold cubic breakdown basis no tweendecks/empty holds:
Ho 1: 6,436 cbm
Ho 2: 9,794 cbm
Total: 16,230 cbm

4 tweendeck panels on board enabling 1 vertical moveable bulkhead in each hold enabling 4 compartments
hold heights:

Hold 1)
Height from tanktop to top of hatch coaming 10.65 m

Hold 2)
Height from tanktop to top of hatch coaming 10.95 m

Tanktop strength: 16 mt/sqm
Tweendeck strength: 4 mt/sqm
Hatchcover strength: 1.75 mt/sqm
Macgregor folding type hatchcovers
Container intake basis iso empty teu:

hold deck total
Td not on board: 366 405 771

2 x 80 mt swl starboard side mounted cranes combinable 160 mt swl

Subject to spreader/lifting beam weight/outreach cranes swl/outreach:

80 mt on 19 m
70 mt on 21 m
60 mt on 25 m
50 mt on 29 m
40 mt on 33 m

04. Speed And Consumption

Speed and consumption basis good weather/non-adverse current conditions and optimum sea water temperature:
abt 14 knots on abt 20 mt ifo 380 cst ndas
abt 1.5 mt ifo whilst in port/anchorage idle
abt 2.5 mt ifo whilst in port/anchorage working/maneuvering
bow thruster fitted (500 kw)
fuel: 900 cbm
g-oil: 50 cbm
fw: 140 cbm
ballast: 4,500 cbm
all dets abt

Above parameters are based in good weather conditions whilst vessel on even keel, maximum force 3 in Beaufort scale and sea state 2 in Douglas scale, no negative currents, swells or tidal streams and in temperate water.

05. Engine

Main Engine: MAK 6M43C
Aux Engine No 1: Yanmar 6N18L-SV
Emergency Generator: Caterpillar 4XCAT43406

06. Commercial Managers

SMT Shipping

Commercial & Chartering:


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